I am a doctoral researcher at the Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials of  Bar-Ilan University under the supervision of Dr. Yaakov R. Tischler. My research focuses on molecular photonics and spectroscopy, with special emphasis on device spectroscopy, nanometrology, and energy materials.  The ability to probe chemistry of materials using light matter interactions, engineering experiments to observe these interactions and understanding their spectral response excite me. I completed my M.Sc. in Physics from National Institute of Technology Karnataka and my B.Sc. in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics from St. Aloysius College (Autonomous) affiliated to Mangalore University. In addition to research, I love travel, hikes, books, philosophy, nature, forests & wildlife, photography, farming  and tasty vegetarian Indian cuisine my wife Sharadhi puts on table without fail.



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Awards & Acolades

  • Recipient of ERASMUS (Erasmus+ KA107)- 2019 

  • COST Action MP1403, Nanoscale Quantum Optics - ESR Workshop, INL Braga, Portugal 2018

  • President's scholarship for Excellence (Ph.D. Candidate) - Bar-Ilan University 2017-2021

  • All India Rank 98 in IIT - JAM- 2012

  • All India Rank 369 in IIT-JAM- 2011

  • Best scientific designer National Level Science fest IMPRINTS-2010

  • Best scientific designer National Level Science fest IMPRINTS-2011

  • 1st prize in zonal level quiz on Astrophysics by AIR (PRASAR-BHARATHI)